Masterclass: Francesca Garolla at Teatrul Odeon

During her stay in Bucharest, Francesca Garolla led a masterclass with some students of the Playwriting section at The National University of Theatre and Film.
We publish some impressions of the students about their experience with the author.


I had the pleasure to attend the workshop held by Francesca Garolla and I can say that it was one of the most constructive discussions that I have participated recently. I find that is a great opportunity for students of dramatic writing, and not only them, to have the opportunity to talk so freely with professionals in the field worldwide.

Assisting also at the reading performance “Solo di me” at Odeon Theatre, I was privileged to come into contact not only with an extremely topical text, but also with a very special and original dramaturgy, which I was glad to see it staged on Bucharest scenes.

I find that Fabulamundi project is a great initiative especially for youth by giving them the opportunity to be updated with the contemporary dramaturgy otherwise not very visible and accessible.

Livia Stoica, student Playwriting Master, UNATC



The workshop was very interesting, besides, it was also the first that I attended by now. For me it was a new and beneficial experience from which I have learned a lot. We discussed, everything was very interactive and we all felt at ease. It was a creative atmosphere, I would say. Francesca Garolla told us about her style of writing and the creative process, then we in our turn talked about how we work, we exchanged experiences. At the reading performance I was out of curiosity after those discussed. Somehow the reading made me understand better what was spoken at the workshop, the theory put into practice.
I look forward to attending other workshops and reading performances!

Bianca Trifan, student Playwriting Master UNATC

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