Conect Act Festival at Teatrul Naţional Târgu-Mureş

From 24 to 27 of November Conect Act Festival will take place at Teatrul Naţional Târgu-Mureş.
For Fabulamundi there will be:
– 24th November: Ca Veni Vorba Despre Vreme, written by Nicoleta Esinencu and directed by Kira Semionov and Doriana Talmazan
– 25th November: Kepler-438B, written by Guillem Clua and directed by Bobi Pricop
– 26th November: Böse Kinder, written by Mihaela Michailov and directed by Katrin Hentschel
– 26th November: Mameloschn – Mother Tongue, written by Sasha Marianna Salzmann and directed by Olga Macrinici
– 26th November: Archimedes’ Principle, written by Josep Maria Miró