Short Theatre 10 – Rome

Short Theatre – 10° Edition
3-13 september 2015
La Pelanda – Rome

Fabulamundi arrives at Short Theatre 2015 with four light productions!

The authors invited at Short Theatre 2015 are Bonn Park from Germany with Sadness&Melancholy or the most lonesomest george of very all times (Traurigkeit&Melancholie oder der aller aller einsamste George aller aller Zeiten), Sandrine Roche from France with My red Cheeks (Mon rouge aux joues), Davide Carnevali from Italy with Confession (Confessione) and Andreea Valean from Romania with If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle (Dacă vreau să fluier, fluier).

Sunday 6 | 18.30 | Confession by Davide Carnevali (IT), with Michele di Mauro
Tuesday 8 | 19.00 | Sadness&Melancholy or the most lonesomest George of very all time by Bonn Park (DE), translation by Alessandra Griffoni, mise en espace by and with Lea Barletti and Werner Waas
Wednesday 9 | 17.30 | Creative Europe a Roma, meeting organized by PAV and MARGINE OPERATIVO
Wednesday 9 | 19.00 | Mon rouge aux joues by Sandrine Roche (FR), translation by Gioia Costa, mise en espace by BLUEMOTION, director Giorgina Pi, with Sylvia De Fanti, Aglaia Mora, Laura Pizzirani, soundscape by Valerio Vigliar
Wednesday 9 | 22.45 | conversation with the authors organized by Teatro&Critica
Thursday 10 | 22.15 | If I want to whistle, I whistle by Andreea Valean (RO), translation by Roberto Merlo, mise en espace BluTeatro, direction Luca Bargagna

For more info visit Short Theatre website!