Denise Duncan

Foto Denise Duncan

Theatre director, playwright, teacher.
She has won awards such as the runner’s up prize for the Marqués de Bradomín Award for Negra, o nocturnal de una piel inoculada por el odio nuestro de cada día (Injuve 2006) and the Ciutat de Manacor Jaume Vidal Alcover Theatre Prize for Negrata de merda (Món de Llibres, 2018). She was author of the SGAE Foundation’s 7th Theatrical Writing Laboratory for Banzo, el aliento de las ancestras and resident playwright at the Sala Beckett for the 2019-2020 season with the play The Fight of the Century.
She is a founding member of La Pulpe Teatro and of the Col·lectiu Tinta Negra.
Among her theatre premieres, highlights have included The Fight of the Century (Runner-up for the Critics Prizes and Candidate for the Max Awards for Best Play 2020-2021), Negrata de merda (Candidate at the Max Awards as Best Play 2019-2020; nominated as Best Play and Best Small-format Play at the awards), Pantalones cortos, Mamita Yunai, Una dona en el mirall, La Taverna dels Bufons, C.O.C.A., Absentee, Vaig a comprar una muntanya, based on texts by Joan Brossa, and Está linda la mar (2012), winner of Best Show at the Mostra de Barcelona 2012, among others.
She works as a freelance scriptwriter for the Costa-Rican producer Fulfierros and as a freelance consultant on social media networks, and an auditor of online reputation and in the creation and curatorship of contents. She also works on the programme Señoras Freedom, as a volunteer at the women’s prison of Barcelona Wad Ras (2020- ), and she is a teacher of playwriting and a dramaturgical coach. She also frequently works in the organisation of round tables. She is a conference speaker on issues such as race, racism and the treatment of ethnic diversity in fiction.
Duncan graduated from the Postgraduate Programme in Social Media Content: Community Manager and Content Curation (2017). She holds a Master’s degree in Theatre and Audiovisual Studies from the University of La Coruña (2004). She has a degree in Directing and Playwriting from the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona (2012). She is also a graduate in the Dramatic Arts (2004) and holds a Degree in Collective Communication with emphasis on Journalism from the University of Costa Rica (2004).

The Fight of the Century

Jack Johnson, “The Galveston Giant”, is an American boxer who, against all odds, wins the 1910 “Fight of the Century” against the imposing Jim Jeffries, “The Great White Hope”, thus becoming the first Afro-American world heavyweight boxing champion. However, this unexpected victory ends up becoming, for him, an authentic nightmare. In order to take his world championship title away from him, a trial orchestrated against him turns him into a fugitive and leads him to Barcelona. But once there, lost in the darkness of a cabaret on the Paral·lel, and despite having crossed the Atlantic in his escape from the justice system, he will never be able to escape from the memory of Jeffries, who will pursue him until the day he dies.

Play available in Catalan, English and Spanish.
Plays for 2 actors and 3 actresses.


Fucking nigger

Nick, the five-year-old adoptive son of Andrea and Pol, explains to his parents that Anna, a girl at school, has hurled a racist insult at him. Because of the seriousness of the event, Andrea and Pol decide to contact Anna’s mom and dad, Laura and Joan, to demand that their daughter apologise. However, their refusal to apologise –because they consider that if the insult actually existed, it was just a childish thing– leads Andrea and Pol to contact Maria, a journalist who intends to write a report on the case. From here on, the discrepancies between the two families will become a true media circus where both of the couples will make evident their prejudices by making use, where necessary, of micro-violence or the abuse of power.

Play available in Catalan and Spanish.
Play for 2 actors and 3 actresses.