SisterInArt, funded by Ita Krajewska and Kamila Straszynska, promotes intercultural dialogue thourgh organizing artistic and educational events, conferences, workshops, reviews, exhibitions, residence programs, masterclasses, podcasts, social campaigns, competitions and festivals.

The Foundation supports the popularization of Polish culture abroad and disseminating foreign culture in Poland and the implementation of educational projects in the field of art, culture and psychology;the activation of refugee, minority and excluded groups; the support of social solidarity connecting states, nations and ethnic groups and dialogue promotion of artistic and scientific initiatives in the field of European cultural heritage and in the field of social psychology.

june, 2024

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14jun(jun 14)10:07 am23(jun 23)10:07 amFragments of reality

Past Events

november 2017

28nov(nov 28)1:00 am29(nov 29)1:00 am4° Polish National Playwrights Meeting

february 2018

05feb7:00 pm1:00 amReading of "Spirit" by french author Nathalie Fillion in Warsaw

march 2018

19mar1:00 am1:00 amReading of "Scenes of Domestic Violence" in Warsaw

12mar1:00 am1:00 amReading of "Sadness&Melancholy" by the German author Bonn Park in Warsaw

05mar1:00 am1:00 amReading of "Allarmi!" by the Italian author Emanuele Aldrovandi in Warsaw

april 2018

25apr(apr 25)1:00 am27(apr 27)1:00 amFirst Mob Pro in London

16aprAll DayNathalie Fillion at Warsaw Dramatic Theatre

may 2018

21may1:00 am1:00 amVolker Schmidt at Teatr Dramatyczny M. St. Warszawy

june 2018

18jun1:00 am1:00 amStage presentation of Helena Tornero's text in Warsaw

04jun1:00 am1:00 amBonn Park at Teatr Dramatyczny

october 2018

14oct(oct 14)1:00 am24(oct 24)1:00 amBernhard Studlar at Teatr Dramatyczny

01oct1:00 am1:00 amMuhammet Ali Bas in Warsaw

december 2018

14dec1:00 am1:00 am"Smutek I Melancholia" by Bonn Park at Teatr Dramatyczny

january 2019

12jan(jan 12)1:00 am13(jan 13)1:00 amSmutek I Melancholia (Traurigkeit & Melancholie) by German author Bonn Park at Teatr Dramatyczny of Warsaw

11jan(jan 11)1:00 am12(jan 12)1:00 ama special networking activity in UK

february 2019

18feb(feb 18)1:00 am24(feb 24)1:00 amPlaywriting workshop at Teatr Dramatyczny

18feb1:00 am1:00 amReading of "For your own good" by Pier Lorenzo Pisano

march 2019

16mar1:00 am1:00 am"Scenes of domestic violence" by Gerard Watkins at Teatr Dramatyczny

05mar(mar 5)1:00 am07(mar 7)1:00 amMOB PRO WARSAW

04mar1:00 am1:00 amEsteve Soler at Teatr Dramatyczny

april 2019

26apr(apr 26)1:00 am28(apr 28)1:00 amScenes of domestic violence by French author Gerard Watkins in Warsaw

12apr(apr 12)1:00 am09may(may 9)1:00 amFabulamundi - Call for Associate Researcher

may 2019

21may(may 21)1:00 am23(may 23)1:00 amMob-Pro Vienna

09may(may 9)1:00 am25(may 25)1:00 amtwo shows in repertory at Teatr Dramatyczny m. st. Warsawy

june 2019

29jun(jun 29)1:00 am07jul(jul 7)1:00 amworkshop for playwrights at Teatr Dramatyczny

13jun(jun 13)1:00 am14(jun 14)1:00 amScenes of domestic violence by Gerard Watkins at Teatr Dramaticzny

03jun1:00 am1:00 amClaudia Cedó at Teatr Dramatyczny

july 2019

20jul(jul 20)1:00 am21(jul 21)1:00 amSadness and melancholy by Bonn Park at Teatr Dramatyczny

11jul1:00 am1:00 amScenes of domestic violence by Gerard Watkins at Teatr Dramatyczny

september 2019

23sep(sep 23)1:00 am25(sep 25)1:00 amMOB PRO GERMANY

november 2019

06nov(nov 6)1:00 am08(nov 8)1:00 amfifth Fabulamundi Partners’ Meeting

december 2019

19dec1:00 am1:00 am"Scenes of domestic violence" at Teatr Dramatyczny

february 2020

11feb(feb 11)1:00 am12(feb 12)1:00 amScenes of domestic violence by French author Gerard Watkins in Warsaw

march 2020

23mar1:00 am1:00 amPotato Eaters by Icelandic author Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson in Warsaw

19mar1:00 am1:00 amScenes of domestic violence by Gerard Watkins in Warsaw

october 2020

05oct(oct 5)1:00 am26(oct 26)1:00 amBelarus: a state of emergency! An overview of contemporary Belarusian dramaturgy

december 2020

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am31mar(mar 31)1:00 amPublished the final report about the Mobility Program of Fabulamundi

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am28feb(feb 28)1:00 amFabulamundi Workbook online

20dec(dec 20)1:00 am26feb(feb 26)1:00 amPublished the Final report about Audience Development within Fabulamundi

may 2023

29may01junNew Voices 1° partner meeting in Rome

october 2023

17oct(oct 17)10:07 am19(oct 19)10:07 amNew Voices peer-to-peer meeting for playwrights in Venice

february 2024

19feb(feb 19)10:07 am22(feb 22)10:07 amNew Voices 2° partners and playwrights meeting in Paris

04feb10:07 am04mar10:07 amTogether, separately?

may 2024

25may(may 25)10:07 am03jun(jun 3)10:07 amIn a crooked mirror

01may10:07 am05(may 5)10:07 amTogether or apart?

june 2024

14jun(jun 14)10:07 am23(jun 23)10:07 amFragments of reality

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