Do it yourself!

Playwright: Stefan Wipplinger
Partner: Internationales Theaterzentrum e.V.
Twinned playwright: Kateřina Součková

Duration: 6 days
Participants: students, playwrights, actors
Location: Internationales Theaterzentrum e.V. (ITZ) – Schudomastraße 32. 12055 Berlin
Time: 11-16 september 2023

Do it yourself! is a creative writing workshop for self-written acting monologues to prepare for drama schools and auditions

A creative writing workshop for self-written acting monologues to prepare for drama schools and auditions from Internationales Theaterzentrum e.V.

“Do you want to study acting or you graduated with a university degree already? Are you preparing (probably again) for auditions and you need eventually a really good self-written monologue? Something which actually suits you, in a language that rolls trippingly off your tongue, without any shallowness. Are you fed up with classic plays, and you simply cannot find new plays with good monologues? Why don’t you do it yourself?” Stefan Wipplinger

In a 6-days-long writing workshop, the playwright Stefan Wipplinger and his twin partner playwright Kateřina Součková from Prague (who will join the workshop from 14th to 16th September) will give young people who are applying for drama school the opportunity to develop, create and write a self-written (monologue-)text in Berlin. The participants will discuss, research, improvise, read, write, play and act – always looking for answers to the questions: What does characterize a good monologue? What does it mean to be in dialogue with yourself? Where should it get started and where is it aiming for? Who talks to whom, and last but not last: What is it (all) about and about what can be genuinely talked of?

Thus, the aim of the workshop is, that all participants will develop a text, which offers the possibility to be rehearsed as self-created monologue for the stage. The creative work in the workshop – which is normally experienced as work on one’s own and no co-work in a group – is going to be experienced as a common creative process with many possibilities for exchange and interaction. The twin-workshop-scheme of the the actual edition of „Fabulamundi“ with two playwrights from different european countries and divergent origins is offering a gain and addition of value – due to their experiences, variaty of methods and because of divers perspectives on writing for theatre and theatre as a whole.

The Workshop will be bilingual – in german and English.
Writing experience is not needed / required.
It is suggested to bring an idea or a first draft on the first day of the workshop.

To participate, send an email to, stating the title of the workshop in the subject area and name, phone number and a few lines of presentation in the body.

Deadline: 25th August 2023