In residence

Playwright: Oriol Morales I Pujolar
Partner: Sala Beckett
Twinned playwright
: Mihaela Michailov

Duration: 8 months
Participants: secondary school students
Location: Institut Barri Besòs
Time: 02 October 2023 – 27 May 2024
One/2-hour session per week

The IN RESIDENCE workshop is aimed at putting a playwright in touch with secondary school kids (age between 13-15) so that he or she shares with them a creation process. Oriol Morales i Pujolar will share with teenagers his writing methods and will encourage them to cowrite a play that will be staged or read (depending on time) at the end of the workshop.

The school selected to work with is the Institut Barri Besòs, a state secondary school situated in a disadvantaged area of Barcelona. The student body is very diverse, since the great majority of students come from immigrant families.

During the working process, Oriol Morales i Pujolar will in permanent contact with Romanian playwright Mihaela Michailov.

The workshop will consist of 3 parts:

• Breaking the ice: exercises for participants to get to know each other and loose the
fear to the blank page. From October to December.
• Writing period: writing of the play. From January to Easter.
• Staging period: staging of the play. April and May.