The authors, with the specificities of their backgrounds and the uniqueness of their international profiles, represent the heart of the proposal that Fabulamundi Effects implement. Starting from the masterclasses, twelve appointments dedicated to twelve European playwrights of the network and recorded for an online diffusion since September 2020. From the dramatic writing and its techniques to the production of texts of contemporary dramaturgy: each masterclass, subtitled in English, tackle the authors’ profession, projecting it into a European dimension.

The twelve masterclasses implement a new section of the Fabulamundi website and are disseminated through the YouTube channel and social networks from 14 September 2020.

Werner Fritsch

Carles Batlle

Francesca Garolla

Csaba Székely

Mihaela Michailov

Tomasz Man

Guillaume Poix

Petr Zelenka

Gerhild Steinbuch

Daniele Villa

Davide Carnevali

Nathalie Fillion