Ricordi del futuro – workshop by Martina Badiluzzi

Ricordi del futuro 

contemplative/descriptive workshop by Martina Badiluzzi


WHEN: 4-5-6 May 2021
WHERE: MACRO, via Nizza 138, Rome

Ricordi del futuro is the place for contemplation and dialogue. It is dedicated to everyone and has no written rules.
It takes place at the MACRO in Via Nizza, in presence and safety for a maximum of 6 participants.*
The object of the gaze is the installation designed for the current exhibition of Nathalie Du Pasquier’s work at MACRO as part of the project Museo per l’Immaginazione Preventiva

An operation of presence, where the artist herself redesigned the museum space to install her own work, a settlement. In this contemplative/descriptive workshop we invite the participants to allow themselves time for art and contemplation. By suggesting tools for interrogating the work or simply observing it, we hope to restore the legitimate ownership of the museum space to the conscience of the community.

Each participant is simply asked to observe the works of Nathalie Du Pasquier, to contemplate them.
Subsequently Martina Badiluzzi, Italian playwright and director, will propose to the participants to describe the works for a microphone, guided by a series of questions. There are no rules or right answers, contemplation is a private moment that can be shared or not. Naming things is the first act of appropriating reality. “If interpretation is characterized by tension and movement, tranquility and stillness are characteristic of contemplation: the spirit that enjoys contemplating does not manifest exultation or jubilation, but the serene joy conferred on it by the security of possession.An appropriation.

In a second phase, the life and work of Nathalie Du Pasquier will be introduced to the contemplators. After this moment we will allow ourselves to contemplate the work again and describe it again. How does the gaze on the work change? What will the contemplators see in the same painting or on the same observed object?

In a third phase, with the recordings of the contemplators, an audio object will be created, in collaboration with the sound designer Filippo Lilli. A collection, an archive of thoughts, of contemplations on the work of Nathalie Du Pasquier that could also be used to introduce other users to the work, in a sort of virtuous chain.


* The activities will be carried out in the presence only if the ministerial provisions allow it. Alternatively, the workshop will be reformulated through online appointments.

To participate in the workshop, introduce yourself creatively by sending us your resume or a video or voice message.
Send us everything by midnight on April 29 to the email address: projects@pav-it.eu. The results of the selection will be announced on April 30.
Participation in the workshop is free and attendance is compulsory.

INFO projects@pav-it.eu

The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the public notice Contemporaneamente Roma 2020-2021-2022 cured by the Department of Cultural Activities and realised in collaboration with SIAE.