Rosalinda Conti

Foto Rosalinda Conti

Rosalinda Conti graduated in Dramaturgy and Screenwriting at the Academy Silvio d’Amico  in Rome with Roberto Cavosi. She studied, among the others, with Dacia Maraini, Lucia Calamaro, Chiara Lagani, Marco Martinelli. In 2012 she wrote Ma io per te amore mio, selected at the Rome Fringe Festival. Her works Quando vai via and Le cose che abbiamo perso nel fuoco have been published in two anthologies by the publishing house Editoria & Spettacolo. In 2013 she got a special mention for the Best monologue at the Offanengo film festival with Non dimenticar le mie parole by Riccardo Rabacchi. In 2015 her text The Yellow Brick Road was nominated for the Fersen Drama Award. Also in 2015, she joined the Crisi project, a dramaturgy workshop curated by Fausto Paravidino. In 2017 she collaborated with the Habitas Company as a dramaturg for the play Surgèlami. In 2018 she collaborated in the playwriting of Io e Lei, mockumentary broadcasted on Sky Arte. In 2019 her text Tom was menzioned at the Hystrio Prize – Scritture di Scena. Since December 2020 she has been collaborating with Illoco Teatro as a dramaturg for the Catch Me project. In 2021 she is among the shortlist of playwrights selected for the Abbecedario per il Mondo Nuovo project, curated by Piccolo Teatro di Milano. Also in 2021, her last text Uccellini received the Fabulamundi-Beyond Borders? special mention at the Hystrio Prize – Scritture di Scena.

Uccellini (2020-2021)

In a dilapidated house in the woods, once a vacation spot for cool and adventurous summers, an involuntary family reunion takes place, or what is left of a family.
A few months after the death of Matilde – a student of birds and the last inhabitant of the childhood home – her elder brother Michele goes to the house for a couple of days with his new girlfriend Sara, who is having her birthday the next day. The reason why Michele decides to celebrate a birthday in a house full of stuffed birds and which hosts more dead than living is probably obscure even to himself.
Shortly after their arrival, the two realize that the house is inhabited by Mario, Michele’s younger brother and Matilde’s twin, who moved there shortly after Matilda’s death. The reasons why he decided to live in a house full of stuffed birds and which hosts more dead than living are many, first of all to write.
Uccellini is about living and dead birds, real and imaginary ghosts, loved and hated brothers. And it is about things that make us very afraid.


Tom (2018)

For about two years, Leo and Tom have shared a relationship of affectionate silence and mutual care. Leo is a rather introverted young man, Tom a black cat with a white patch on his chest, a stray patiently tamed.
The sudden need to find a new human for his beloved cat pushes Leo to resume contact with Jo and Anna, inseparable friends of adolescence and subsequently lost sight of due to the vicissitudes, as often happens to us.
The story takes place in a single day on the veranda of Leo’s beach house, a place of soul and childhood, “a house that has seen many sunny afternoons and many nets with colourful beach games and which now looks like the last house left in the world”.
During the time of the show, the three friends look for similarities and differences between how they were and how they are, they evoke dynamics of the past and create dynamics of the present, they get angry and laugh like teenagers, in an atmosphere of rediscovered affection and protection.
Two elements counterpoint the action of meeting and rediscovering the three friends: Tom’s streams of consciousness, constantly in contact with everything that happens to his body and environment, and the incursions of Alex, a young boy on the threshold of both adulthood and an imminent journey, undecided whether to cross it – the threshold – or not.