Teatri di guerra

Playwright: Roberto Scarpetti
Partner: PAV
Twinned playwright: Anna Wakulik

Duration: 4 weeks incl. final presentation (staged readings)
Participants: a group of young actors and actresses from the school of Teatro di Roma
Location: Teatro Argentina and Teatro India – Teatro di Roma
Time: 26-30 June 2023 – 2-7 p.m. – Sala Enriquez, Teatro Argentina, Rome + 16th November to 7th December 2023 – Sala Oceano Indiano, Teatro India, Rome

Teatri di guerra is a project by PAV in collaboration with Teatro di Roma

Fabulamundi New Voices Italian partners PAV have launched their first creative workshop: Teatri di guerra, a dramaturgy and acting lab led by Roberto Scarpetti with the actors and actresses of the specialization course of Teatro di Roma. Starting from the collective reading of Aeschylus’ I sette contro Tebe, from the vision of Teatro di guerra directed by Mario Martone and from the reading of the volume of the same name, the workshop is structured in a four-week path of theatrical writing and acting.

The first week will be dedicated to the analysis of the text by Aeschylus and of the key themes of Martone’s film. Martone’s 1998 long feature is extremely topical, not only due to the fact that the situation of Ukraine invaded by Russia can be superimposed on the war in the former Yugoslavia, but above all because the multiple theatres of war narrated in the film have not changed today compared to to the Italian reality of the late 90s: the violence of the cities; the war within the cultural system and the difficulties in carrying out an artistic project in a world conditioned by power relations; the small internal wars, the clashes, the doubts, the crises that condition the work of a group of artists, in which individuality must somehow give way to the community.

In the break between the first part of the workshop, at the end of June, and the second part, in November, the group of participants will be invited to write short plays starting from the themes identified during the initial meetings. Not a real rewriting of The Seven Against Thebes or Theater of War, but personal texts that take their cue from the reflections made collectively. In this writing phase, zoom sessions will be planned, even individual ones, in order to guide the authors in the various drafts.

The result will be a collective text which will form the basis of the work of the November weeks and which will lead to the staging of the text, for a restitution open to the public in one of the halls of the Teatro di Roma.