Workshop #1 professional playwright – starter kit

Playwright: David Košťák
Partner: Divadlo Letì
Twinned playwright: Biljana Srbljanović

Duration: 7 months
Participants: young authors
Time: September 2023 – March 2024, 2 meetings per month

This workshop focuses on writing for immersive theatre under the supervision of playwright David Košťák. Given that the output of the workshop would be medium-scale plays that are to be staged the following year, instead of an intensive workshop, Theatre LETÍ chooses the form of regular meetings over a longer time horizon. In addition to working on the text itself under the guidance of David Košťák, the workshop will focus on sharing experiences with established playwrights who will (apart from sharing their professional know-how) work with young authors on partial tasks that will allow them to develop their writing skills – these partial tasks will be focused on specifics such as: situation-comedy, theatre adaptation of a novel, specifics of writing for radio.

The workshop will provide 6 authors (3 men and 3 women) with continuous dramaturgical supervision. During first workshop there will be regular meetings with professionals in the field, as well as individual meetings, which aim will be to develop the talent dispositions of participants. Participants will attend masterclass of 6 Czech playwrights and two international ones.

The output of the workshop will be 6 plays, which LETÍ will present to the public through an immersive production. 


April – May 2023 – selection of participants among young playwrights

June 2023 – initial meeting with playwrights – brainstorming on binding topic

September 2023 – 2 days 

  • meeting with playwrights to share ideas
  • workshop with David Košťák – Shifting realities

October 2023 – individual consultations with playwrights based on their plays

November 2023 – 2 days

  • meeting with playwrights – author’s reading
  • workshop with twin partner’s playwright

January 2024 – individual consultations with playwrights based on their plays

  • workshop with Czech playwright – specifics of writing for radio

February 2024 – 2 days

  • meeting with playwrights to share first drafts of their plays
  • workshop with Czech playwright – specifics of adaptations

March 2024 – final meeting – sharing rehearsal drafts of written plays