Xhuliano Dule

I was born in Albania in 1992 and I was immigrated* to Italy by my parents five years later. I grew up in Veneto without “ailments” after all, except for some contrast with the established (by others) order. I decide to study economics, a path that, at its peak, leads me to work in international organizations for a couple of years. In the meantime, I write a lot and publish little, until one day I give my resignation and decide to devote myself to writing. I undertake the selection for the Master in Dramaturgy at Silvio d’Amico Academy, and I start performing as a stand-up comedian. This change, as well as a discreet hunger, led me to stage my comedy show Un disastro di Albanese and found the collective “Ma questa non è stand up comedy” that starting from the Garbatella Theater in summer 2020 (good time to start!) has become an important reality of the Roman comic scene.
In the meantime, I won the “Officine Teatrali” Award organized by Silvio D’Amico Academy in 2020 with the text E cosse da no dire (directed by Massimiliano Farau), a tragedy on sexual violence written in the Venetian dialect that consecrates – diametrically – the end of my integration path in Veneto and the beginning of that in theater and I was selected as a playwright for a show / study on the “mechanism of comic” under the supervision of Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and Silvio d’Amico Academy. In addition to theater, I also deal with cinema, a sector in which I trained under the guidance of director Francesca Archibugi who supervised the drafting of my two original screenplays Operazioni Balcani and La gamba del Duce.

* little poetic license derived from the fact that as a child one is literally migrated by someone and does not migrate by one’s own free will: it is difficult to organize false documents, collect money, pack and other corollary activities that prepare the migration.

I mostri che abbiamo dentro vanno registrati all’anagrafe

We have all lost ourselves among the bureaucratic labyrinths of the contemporary world. That slight frustration that crosses us every time before walking through the doors of the buildings of administrative power is a feeling that does not leave us, like a brand imprinted on our soul.
Franco, the protagonist, got a fine that reads a very special wording: “illegal possession of unregistered creatures”. It’s the first time that he has heard of this crime and the fine is very high: a “gozziglione” of francs. Believing it is a mistake, Franco decides to face the City Hall and its fierce Bureaucrats to have the fine removed, but this journey will lead him to enter the underworld of a world devoted to a single god: efficiency. Efficiency that pushed Dr. Emeraldo to change the rules of society in order to infinitely improve the productivity of his community, and that will put Franco in front of a choice that he did not even know he had: pay or die. Because in a world where there is almost no space for the human being, the monsters we have inside must be registered and fined handsomely; humanity is a luxury good and you have to pay for it. For others… well, the State offers a free euthanasia service.