Almir Imširević

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He was twelve when they published some of his sentences in the column “Reader’s Notes” of the “Political Inquirer”. He didn’t hold on to the magazine copy, nor does he remember what he had written about, but he does know that the infectious reading habit, at that time exactly, became incurable. From a children’s disease it transformed into a consolable diagnosis, became an inevitable part of the organism, like hemoglobin or blood sugar. Detected levels changed with time, sometimes going over the acceptable limitation, but he remains happiest when it’s left uncontrolled. Today he is certain that “Reader’s Notes” are a perfect literary form that connects those two difficult and dear parts – the reader and the writer. An inseparable couple, like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson; a reader who discovers, explores, concludes and an assistant/writer who allows himself to be found and confined. Almir Imširević is 47 years old and a few writers he is keeping as lifelong prisoners.

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Almir Imširević, born March 10th 1971 in Bihać.

He graduated from elementary and high school in Sarajevo, after which he enrolled in the Academy of Performing Arts and in 1998 graduated from the Department of Dramaturgy. As a dramaturge he worked on numerous plays realized in BiH theaters and wrote theater critique and reviews in Sarajevo-based magazines. He is the author of drama works: “If This Was a Play…”, “Shame, the Balkan Devil”, “Circus Inferno”, “Based on a True Story”, “Mousefuckers”, “If This Was a Film”, “Fistik”… Also, he wrote micro-drama works “Playback Sevdalinka” and “Ten Differences”. He is classified in the Anthology of BH drama of the 20th century for his dramas, as well as the French anthology of contemporary European drama. His works have been performed in theaters in BiH, Serbia, France, Turkey, Poland, Kosovo, Italy, and Czech… Besides drama, he published a book of short stories “Page 212”. He works as a part-time professor at the Department of Dramaturgy, and he is a member of the editorial staff of the portal “Nomad” where he regularly publishes prose.

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