Journal: Clàudia Cedó at the second National Playwrights Meeting (Spain)

Spanish playwright Clàudia Cedó took part at the second National Playwrights Meeting with all the Spanish authors selected and all the Fabulamundi’s partners.
The meeting took place on 9th and 10th October.

Here we publish a journal written by the author.

For me, Fabulamundi was a very wonderful experience!! It has been a very good encounter experience among playwriters and theater programers. A formula to show what is being done in our house, a way of contacting playwrights and producers and programmers, in order to to give value to the stories. The theater is made by people who want to tell stories and people who want to listen to them. It is important that there be spaces like these, that allow the programmer to know the nursery where they have cooked the plays that will eventually put on the stage.
These days inspired me too, and they made me start working on a new line: I am creating a website where all my works can be found. When I finish it I will send it to Fabulamundi’s colleagues. Next week I’ll participate in a Beckett Conference with translators, to try to translate my pieces and make it easier to produce them outside of Catalonia.

Thank you for make it possible! And I hope I see you soon!

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