Dialogues and Mini Plays

Playwright: Ingeborg Von Zadow
Partner: ITZ Berlin
Twinned playwright: Anna Wakulik

Duration: 7 days
Participants: 16-19 years old students
Location: Bunsen-Gymnasium (Humboldtstraße 23, 69120 Heidelberg), Theaterauditorium.
Time: September 21-27, mornings and afternoons alternating.

Dialogues and Mini Plays – Writing for Theatre


This workshop is designed to give students (from grade 10) a first insight into scenic writing. Through writing exercises, we will approach topics such as character, plot, dialogue writing and spoken language. The writing of first scenes will be accompanied by the joint reading and discussion of excerpts from plays of various genres and writing styles. The goal of the workshop is to write mini plays that can be used for a presentation as part of the Heidelberger Literaturherbst.

Twin-Partner Anna Wakulik will be joining Ingeborg von Zadow for the workshop in Heidelberg from September 23-27.

The first part of the workshop consists of writing-practises and writing exercises, in order to get to know the importance and significance of characters, plots, dialogues and plays on a whole – and in achieving a deeper understanding of the characteristics and regularities of theatre. 

In addition Ingeborg von Zadow will read, analyze and discuss with the pupils new plays of different genres and form.

Producing and creating „Minidramen“ of their own is central to the second part of the workshop – the results will be used for a short presentation at the end of the workshop.