Ingeborg von Zadow

Ingeborg von Zadow 2021 - Foto Sarina Chamatova

Ever since seeing my first play at the age of eight I have been deeply dedicated to the art of theater and addicted to the joy and the impact it can have on artists and audience. To write for a space that is alive, for collective moments taking place in the now, where human beings come together to concentrate on the same thoughts and stories at the same time is a wonderful thing and can connect us all in a unique way. My plays, for both children and adults, try to get to the core of things – they concentrate on human feelings, questions, encounters, problems. I enjoy using clear language and portraying situations which seem simple but go deep, scenes everyone can connect to. In writing, music is very important to me and helps me to “compose” my plays. I would like to pass on my love for the theatre to future generations while being a part of the FAB Community. I am looking forward to many hours of international exchange on a professional level and to being exposed to many different thoughts and approaches to this wonderful art. It is my wish to understand how my fellow colleagues in other countries understand and see the world.

Ingeborg von Zadow


Ingeborg von Zadow, playwright and Librettist, was born in Berlin and spent her childhood in Germany, the USA, and Belgium. She studied Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and holds a Master of Arts degree in Theater from the State University of New York at Binghamton, USA. She worked as Assistant Director on various operas and plays and translated English language plays. Her plays have had numerous productions and were translated into eleven different languages. Ingeborg von Zadow won the Brother-Grimm-Prize of the State of Berlin and was granted a One-Year-Scholarship of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, a Fulbright-Grant and the “Nah dran”-Grant of the Children´s and Youth Theater Center Germany and the German Literary Fund. She was nominated for the National German Children’s Theater Prize and the Mülheimer Children Plays Prize. Ingeborg von Zadow is represented through Verlag der Autoren, Frankfurt a.M., Germany.

Heute keine Vorstellung (No Performance Today)
for 10 years and older

The two clowns, Saffo and Kanda, are getting ready for their performance, as they do every day. They have their costumes on, the music is playing, but suddenly Teiro, the usually so-reliable rope, an integral part of the show, is fed up with everything and leaves. Saffo and Kanda don’t know what’s hit them. No show today? What are they supposed to do with this forced break, the newly-won time? Perplexed, the two return to their trailers. For a little while they enjoy the time off, but they soon start missing each other and have to find ways to come to terms with their isolated situation. The play explores humorously how people can connect again after a period of being alone. The play addresses social experiences from the Corona pandemic.


Haus Blaues Wunder (House of Great Surprise)
for 6 years and older

The poor Mr. Peppercorn has bought a little house at the seaside. The rich Mr. Goldypurse has also bought a little house at the seaside. Full of anticipation both move into the same house that has been sold twice. Since the seller Mr. Seller is out of his office, the two men have to deal with the unusual situation by themselves. Their quarrels grow when Mr. Goldypurse´s furniture is delivered and when Mr. Peppercorn´s pet squirrel Muffin-To-Go disregards the border through the house the two have decided on. A play about how two rivals with very different views on life can become friends.


Besuch bei Katt und Fredda (Visiting Katt and Fredda)
for 6 years and older

Katt and Fredda live as a couple together, apparently happily. Their mutual everyday life is well organized: “One knows what one has and where it is”. When Katt imagines that it would be exciting to have a visitor, Fredda is hurt. But when Miranda actually walks in and starts paying Fredda compliments, it is Katt who feels left out. Is there room for three where everything is set up for two?


Pompinien (Pompeenia)
for 6 years and older

Nola has always wanted to go to Pompeenia, a country she dreams of as being “an adventure and a chocolate fudge sundae at the same time”. As the departure time draws nearer, Nola suddenly feels uneasy – does she really want to go to Pompeenia? Can she leave her friend Tanil behind? A play about deep friendship and the difficulties of parting.


Raus aus dem Haus (Outside the House)
for 3 years and older

Should one leave the safety of home? Best to take only a look first. The two characters A and B dare to go outside of the house. They take their first, curious steps into the world. They meet a big cow and a little mouse. They climb up a mountain and discover that there is much more to explore outside. But then it starts to get dark and the two return inside for the time being.
A play for the youngest audience encouraging them to take the first curious steps into a bigger world.


Ich und Du (Me and You)
for 5 years and older

Ziggy and Doodle are opposites. While Doodle enjoys playing and is curious about the world, Ziggy is constantly afraid of everything. He believes that a stone could fall on his head any minute. And so the two begin to build walls around themselves, in order to be safe, which eventually leads to a big test of their friendship. A play for young children about a very basic existential situation, about life.

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