He graduated as a director at Bratislava’s College of Performing arts (VŠMU) in 1998. 

Before that, in 1996-97, he studied at the Circle in The Square Theater School on Broadway in New York, USA, where he directed a production of Tell Me About Birds, his own original theatre play. 

During his studies he received a range of directing awards at several student and international festivals in Venezuela, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany or Macedonia. He graduated with Award of Rector- for excellent study results. 

After graduation he became the artistic director of the Martin Theatre (Slovakia) 1998- 2000.

After that he worked as a free-lance director at many off significant theatres in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy.

In 2006 he got the offer to became artistic director in the City theatre in Zlín. He stayed there until 2009.

From the 2010 until 2019 he worked as the artistic director of leading Prague theatre, the Švandovo. 

He cooperated with Slovak and Czech Television, also with Slovak radio, where he directed his own radio play  Advent- slapstick from the border, which took the place at the festival of Radio plays in 2019 as a final text. 


His work as a director included such authors as W. Shakespeare, Tankred Dorst,  J. B. Moliere, A. P. Chekhov, Franz Kafka and many of others… amongst more than 120 theatre titles. Very often he staged his own play or his own adaptation of big novels.

In the 2010- 2011 he also directed an independent movie called Smíchov pláče, Brooklyn spí /Smíchov is crying,  Brooklyn is sleeping for which he also wrote a screenplay. The opening night was in October 2011 in Prague and the film was projected at the several places and independent festivals in Czech Republic.

Dodo Gombár is also respected playwright. His play Hugo Karas won the 2nd prize at the Alfréd Radok Awards 1999 (1st price wasn´t awarded) ; the play was then translated into English, published in the anthology called Slovak Contemporary Drama, in 2002 it was produced in England in Huddersfield, and adapted for radio and broadcast by the Slovak Radio in 2006. His text A Third Age was shortlisted for the finale of Alfréd Radok Awards in 2003, and A House without God in the same competition in 2008. His play, Between Heaven and Her was also acclaimed internationally and in the 2015 it was staged in La Mama Theatre Melbourne, Australia. The world premiere was in Thalia Szinhasz in Budapest in 2005. His play Money (2015) won the most prestigious Czech drama award, Alfréd Radok Awards in 2015. His play Portal was short-listed in the same year. 

His plays were translated until today into eight languages and presented in several countries. Currently is translated his play The Third Age to the Spanish. 

In 2018 was translated to Greek three of his play and in the Summer published in Athens, in the Publishing House Vakxikon. 

In the 2017 was published by Slovak Theatre institute six of his play, with the tittle The six branches of a tree.

Dodo Gombár was nominated for the Theatre Newspapers prize and was nominated on the theatre web portal i-divadlo.cz in the Personality of the Year category in 2017. 

His performances participated at the most important and famous festivals. His close collaborators are nominated or awarded for the other artistic disciplines. (music, set design, best actor/ actress)

His performance The national cemetery took the prize of the young jury at New Drama festival 2016 in Bratislava.

His Man- monologue Euroroom was translated in French and Greek, and was presented as a perform stage reading in Athens in the Fall 2017, in Brussels in September 2016 and in Paris at March 2019. 

Dodo Gombar participated with his contributions and lectures at International theatrical conference East meets West in Krakow, in Poland 2011-2012.

He was a several times invited to be a member of the Jury at the famous Theatre Festival’s- Prague, Bratislava, Brno. Last time it was at World Student Festival Encounter, in May of 2018.

Czech TV and Slovak TV made a record of his performances several times.

In the 2019 He became a Teacher in Dramaturgy and Directing department of The Janacek Academy of Arts in Brno. In the 2022 head of the Atelier of musical acting.

Dodo Gombar during his professional career directed counts really more than 140 titles.  

Money (Peniaze)

Cast: 6 men, 5 women

The play tells intervowen stories of various characters, that meet in the dramatic finale in a bankhall. Scenes are not sorted chronologically and gradually reveal individual stories with the common topic of money. A couple of permanently stoned losers decides with an assistance from their boss to rob a bank, a son coming home from abroad to live with his mother and is in platonic love with a bank clerk, where he works as a security man. Young woman breaks up with her older partner just before wedding, even though he has already gone to bank to obtain a loan for newly-wed. The mother gets to like a man playing harmonica in the arcade next to the bank. And finally there is a chaotic shoot-out in the robbed bank.