Gabriel Pintilei / Romania

Gabriel Pintilei

1. Where was your play presentation done and when? Can you please tell us how was your experience in the frame of the project?

The representation took place at Scuola Holden as part of the Festival delle Coline Torinesi on the 3rd of July 2014, 7 pm. I’ve met warm friendly professional people (professors from Holden School and people from the festival management). My greatest joy was meeting the school’s students and working with them during the workshops for two days. All of them showed interest and joy during the workshop. The exercises we’ve worked on will stay with me forever as I’ve not often met such seriousness and dedication for the job.

2. Write a couple of sentences about the feedback you received from the audience.

People were curious to find out more details of the story behind the play because Elevator is based on a true story from more than 10 years ago in London.

3. What were your major benefits from this experience?

It was my first time in Italy and I’ve greatly enjoyed Torino. Also, I had the chance to meet amazing and well prepared people. Moreover, I liked that one of my shows got to be played abroad and that it came out so nice, plus I got the chance to learn new things about acting, playwriting and directing.

4. During the presentation or other activities (workshops, conferences etc) you probably interacted with other auhors/directors/actors/managers. Did any personal project emerge out of this interaction?

Although there were some discussions, no projected actually emerged. I would’ve liked for Elevator to be played as part of a theatre’s repertoire in Torino and also to be able to have a more in depth workshop at Scuola Holden (maybe a week, or at least enough time to be able to assimilate all that we were working on). For now, it hasn’t happen, but there is still time.

5. Were there any follow-ups to your presentation?

Considering that the presentation was in the form of Reader’s theatre, a major improvement would be to mount the play in Torino. There were discussions with the two actors and they said they would love to be part of it. Actually, a lot of people from the audience asked the same thing because they liked it very much. I was really surprised to find that the actors learnt by heart huge portions of thext and last part of the play ( 7 pages) was actually mounted with setting, lights, music and learnt text.

6. Please make some suggestions for the improvement of such events in the future.

It is my first time taking part in a project this big and I found it to be perfect. Although I’d like to help by giving some advice I sincerely have no improvement suggestion.