Gallery: Mousson d’ètè 2017

From 24 to 30 August 2017 the 23rd edition of La Mousson d’Eté took place at the Abbaye des Prémontrés de Pont-à-Mousson in Lorraine.
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La Mousson d’étè 2017 participated in “Fabulamundi. Playwriting Europe – Beyond Borders?” with the following activities:
– from August 24th to August 30th from 9.30 to 12.30:  Workshop with Rebekka Kricheldorf (DE) in the frame of L’Université d’été européenne de la Mousson d’Eté
– August 24th at 20.45: radio reading of “Mademoiselle Agnès” by Rebekka Kricheldorf (DE) translation by Frank Weigand e Leyla-Claire Rabih, director Baptiste Guiton, with Quentin Baillot, Camille Garcia, Grégoire Lagrange, Maud Le Grévellec, Marie Levy, Glenn Marausse, Julien Masson and Johanna Nizard
– August 25th at 14.00: staged reading of “Canicule (évangile apocryphe d’une famille, d’un pays)” by Lola Blasco (ES), translation by Clarice Plasteing, director Laurent Vacher, with Quentin Baillot, Christophe Brault, Camille Garcia, Glenn Marausse, Bruno Ricci and Ariane von Berendt, music Vassia Zagar
– August 24th at 18.00: staged reading of “Poings” by Pauline Peyrade (FR), director Véronique Bellegarde, with Maud Le Grévellec, Julien Masson and Julie Pilod, music Philippe Thibault
– August 26th at 16.00: round table “Writing plays today: from learning to broadcasting”, with Jean-Pierre Ryngaert, Lola Blasco, Pauline Peyrade, Helena Tornero and María Velasco
– August 27th at 22:30: les impromptus de la nuit, with Joseph Danan e Helena Tornero
– August 28th at 14.00: staged reading of “Délivre-toi de mes désirs” by María Velasco (ES), traslation by David Ferré, director Helena Tornero, with Grégoire Lagrange, Maud Le Grévellec, Catherine Matisse, Nelson-Rafaell Madel, Glenn Marausse, Julien Masson, Charlie Nelson and Johanna Nizard.

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