gallery: “Qui croire” by Guillaume Poix at Théâtre Ouvert

On 28th November, the mise en voix of Qui croire by French author Guillaume Poix took place at Théâtre Ouvert.

Mise en voix by Guillaume Poix
with Sophie Engel
sound creation by Guillaume Vesin
lights and set design by Sébastien Marc

Like it or not, religion innervates our daily life. It may be decided to disdain the stakes, whatever they are, in the name of the pride inspired by French secularism. We can also feel the deep dysfunctions it causes and the schizophrenia it calls us: we still live according to a ritualized calendar by Christian holidays – while demanding, for some, complete neutrality vis-à-vis religions. We are caught between intransigence and tradition, rigor and free will. We are rightly proud that our state is secular, but we are confusing the state and society. Can we really rid our lives of religion?
We have inherited the scriptures, we doubt their sacredness. We receive them with the same curiosity as a literary work; yet, these texts carry something powerfully prescriptive. What principles can guide behavior, be it atheist, anticlerical, or religious? What are the deep contradictions that inhabit us about this entity named God? How can our existence be, without our being fully aware of it, determined by values ​​internalized since childhood?
Representing religion in the theater inevitably leads to questions of faith and credulity. What leads us to believe, according to what criteria do we trust one or the other of the known truths? We are committed to building a theatrical protocol – in sound, play, light and writing – that plays absolutely the game of fiction without hiding anything from our will to believe: when we believe in fiction, there is there something in us that decides to believe?

Here below we publish some pictures of the event.