Interview: Marie Dilasser at Sala Beckett (Barcelona)

French playwright Marie Dilasser took part in a week-long artistic residence at the Sala Beckett. During her stay in Barcelona, Dilasser attended rehearsals of her work-in-progress play Paisatge interior brut, directed by Glòria Balañà i Altimira, and she carried out several activities.

The prèmiere was on 12th of July, in collaboration with Grec Festival at l’Obrador d’estiu.
After the show, there was an aftertalk with the author of the text, the director, the translator and the actress.

Author: Marie Dilasser
Translation: Carles Batlle
Direction: Glòria Balañà i Altimira
Cast: Aina Calpe
Videoprojections: Alfonso Ferri

About Paysage Intérieur Brut:
Since she returned from a psychiatric hospital, Bernadette has spent most of her time shut away in her kitchen. As a woman violently separated from active life, the kitchen, along with her children’s play area and her husband’s farm which she can see through the glazed window, becomes the territory where she puts her life in order. Playing, in turn, the role of her children, her husband, her mother, her dog and her old boss, she will try to emerge from her isolation

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