Journal: Mercè Sarrias at Théâtre Ouvert

Mercè Sarrias

When you write you have the characters on your mind. One perhaps has the face of an actor you know, or a friend’s body or the way your neighbour use to walk. You have on your mind a person, maybe a fusion of people, maybe someone you really know. And then an actor does the piece and she or he is her or him forever, or maybe only for a while.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Marta, Albert, Laia, Victor and Sonia again and they were there, they were new and also them, the original characters doing only a reading, but so alive! Julie Deliquet proposal, so faithful to the text , was also inspiring and had the atmosphere of the play. So the mosquitos could fly again. Thank you very much. It was a great night for me.

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