Luca Di Capua was born in Rome and has 28 years old. He studied at the begining at the school called “teatroazione”, but he didn’t have too much reply, and he started the first work experience in a collective called “The Pills”. Then he took part like main character in a sit-com on Rai Due called “zio Gianni” and in some shortmovies and also in an indipendent flm called “4021”. He followed a lot of seminaries with a director, Filippo Gili, and from that point he started to find a new way to work in theater, to understeand the script analisis, for find at the end a concrete mood to stay in theater. He made an “Hamlet” whit the director of Filippo Gili and a little tourneè in Italy. Recently he took part in theater play “Tocofobia” at Carrozzeria N.o.t, in Rome. Since he was two years old, he has been starting to write and he create a format called “semplici”: a sketch series ambiented in a farm. He followed also some drama-lab with Lucia Calamaro and he wrote a play called “The life before”, that it’s gonna play on the next year.

The life before

“The life before” talks about the family from the point of view of a boy that leaves for going to live alone. From that moment he starts to see the family how really is, and he understands that something of very strange connected everybody. They really know each other? Or it was just a mistake?

The search for the identity of the character it’s not a search of a social identity, but something of deeper, a family identity. A love story mixed with the family plot but which it’s destined to finish because nobody and nothing can win in this piece. Everybody feels lost or beaten, and there isn’t enough time anymore to understand but just for live. And the time before only now appears like it really was, and strange. Something of ridiculous and a sense of ineluctability crosses all the text, but also a great sense of humour remains in all the characters of the family, some funny moments in which all the members still love each other, maybe without reason.