#pandemic journal by our authors: Artur Palyga

we asked to all the Fabulamundi’s authors to share stories, videos, comments, pictures of what we are living now in Europe.

Read the journal written by our Polish author Artur Palyga

One of the important writer’s issues in times of widespread fear is the problem of truth. Should I write the truth?

On Monday, the next day of isolation, a girl who had participated in online play-reading the day before, committed suicide. Should I write about it? Should I write that I remember her face and her a little tired voice, and her specific way of reading, and how she switched off the screan at the end of our meeting.

I know, I remember that every information about successful suicide is like a spark that ignites the thought of suicide in some heads. Even if among those who read this text this spark does not ignite in a flame, some of them will tell others about it, and some of them will tell others, etc. etc. And if it will be just one person at the end of this chain who will ignite this thought in a fire and jump into it, the writer was the one who sent her the bullet. And don’t let him pretend he doesn’t know it. This is not just about information about suicide, but about all other types of fear, hopelessness and desperation, especially when they are true.

I should write funny, only funny and only cheerful things – I told everyone I talked to about the death of this girl. After which I wrote this text.

What is more important? Writing truth or human life? Somebody knows?