Philipp Löhle / Germany

1. Where was your play presentation done and when? Can you please tell us how was your experience in the frame of the project?
My Play GOSPODIN was staged at ROMAEUROPA-Festival in November 2014. It was a great experience to see the play staged in Italy. The director was Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. It was a great production. I really liked it.

2. Write a couple of sentences about the feedback you received from the audience.
I think the audience liked the play. I think the applause was quiet good. Also the was a discussion after one of the presentations organized by fabulamundi and there were many people. So they seemed to be interested in the play and the actor Claudio Santamaria

3. What were your major benefits from this experience?
– I traveled to Rome (a city I know and love). I met people from another country that work in theater. I could talk discuss and get to know them. It´s always very very interesting to learn something about the theater system in another country. It´s so different to Germany. In most cases. And I could talk to Maria that guided me through the city, the questions and the presentations

4. During the presentation or other activities (workshops, conferences etc) you probably interacted with other auhors/directors/actors/managers. Did any personal project emerge out of this interaction?
– Giorgio Barberio Corsetti and me said to each other that we want to keep contact.

5. Were there any follow-ups to your presentation?
Yes. The play is on tour all over Italy.

6. Please make some suggestions for the improvement of such events in the future.
To me it seemed perfect this way. I arrived, I saw my play. I was in contact with the actors, the audience, the director. No possible improvement!!!