Ruusu and Seidi Haarla

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Sisters Ruusu (b. 1989) and Seidi Haarla (b. 1984) made an astonishing breakthrough to the Finnish theatre scene in 2014 with their extraordinary play The Trauma Body. They both have recently graduated from the Theatre Academy, Ruusu as a dramaturg and Seidi as an actor. Ruusu Haarla has also written the plays Ruska (2015) and Turkka kuolee (2018).

The Trauma Body – A Thirty-Year History of One Body (Traumaruumis) 

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We tell ourselves stories about our life and loved ones and think they are true, but when we listen to our body, it begins to tell a whole different story. It’s not the story we wanted to hear. The body remembers everything and is always selfish. What is my parents, what is me? What should be done with it all, when there is only one body?

The Trauma Body is the story of two sisters, Sadie and Rose, their parents and memories, their struggle towards independence. Mental instability, narcissism, violence and secrecy are faced head-on, in a simultaneously funny and purifying way.

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