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I write what I hear, feel, and see in the incoherent and absurd mass of informations which is given to me in my daily life. I digest the violence of this lack of meanings in writing with details what I feel that’s why I’m very attached at the graphic form of what I write. That is the physical space of the language which interests me; the report that this language has with the physical space that reveals it; the physical space of its representation.
I’m looking for a writing which gives the violence and the physical strenght of the language.
In that way, without using “didascalies”, I like to play with the abrupt change of time, space, character, mix in a same sentence the “thougts”, “movements” and “talks” of a character. In order to talk about the “world around” without describing it.In order to give birth to characters without describing them.But only using rhythm and musicality of the whole language.
I try to delete the notion of character, to give something more open; to permitt to everybody to find a personal door open in each figure of my plays.

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Sandrine Roche was born in 1970. She is a playwright, actress and director.
After working in the theatre production, she integrates in 1998 the Lassaadshool (teaching JacquesLecoq) in Bruxelles and became actress for several french directors.
In 2003 she creates the group “Coopérative des Circonstances” in Bruxelles, with 5 others actors-creators, which creates alternatives stage forms in Bruxelles (Tour et Taxi) and Paris (La Villette).
She creates in 2008 the Perspective Nevski Company, purposing stage creation based on her writings. She receives institutional helps for her first plays from the Centre National du Livre, Fondation Beaumarchais and Centre National du Théâtre, and her play Yekmestroistêtes inspired by a travel in Iran, is created on France Culture.
She moved in 2006 in Rennes where she began a theatre work with children, which gave birth to Neuf petites filles (Nine little girls). The text is created by Philippe Labaune in Lyon, StanislasNordey in Paris, Alan Castelo in Rio de Janeiro and translated in Slovenian, Danish and Portuguese. Those texts arefollowed by RAVIE ,Des cow-boys and Mon rouge aux joues all published by Les Editions Théâtrales.
In 2015, she was in a writing residency in Quimper for the text DILUN, La Chartreuse (Avignon)for FEUTRINE, Iceland and Rio de Janeiro for SAXIFRAGE, in collaboration with the french electro group Nina Fisher. She’s actually working on the creation of a new play with Perspective Nevski: Des cow-boys.

Neuf petites filles (Nine little girls)
9 characters
Nine little girls play to invent stories. One by one, they deliver their memories, their fears, their dreaming lives. Through that game apparently innocent and themes they are playing with, as feminity, mysoginy, woman body, homosexuality… we observe at what point that little girls can be cruel, perverse,ambivalent, frightening of lucidity. With a refined language, kind of a jazz partition, Sandrine Roche offers a very personal universe, which takes account into the text, bodies and sensations.

Des cow-boys (Some cow-boys)
8 characters – 4 actors
Des cow-boys plays to transpose in our society the western codes. A group of children, some teenagers and a couple of adults play to the law of the strongest. An explosive text about the games of power today. Playing with forms, bodies and rythms, Sandrine Roche creates a telluric theater.

Mon rouge aux joues (My red Cheeks)

Characters : 3 women
Mon Rouge aux joues gives voice to the three women of the little Red Riding Hood. In 3 crossed monologues, the daughter, the mother and the grand mother evoke shames, fears, desires and angers passed for one generation to another. A text about the heritage of feminity, the daughter-mother relations and thirst of freedom.

Edition 2015-2016

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