Volker Schmidt at Mousson d’ètè

On 25th August, in the frame of Mousson d’ètè, will be presented the text Die Mountainbiker, by the Austrian author Volker Schmidt.

Die Mountainbiker
Text by Volker Schmidt
Translated by Nicolas Gessner
Directed by Julia Vidit
With Éric Berger, Thomas Blanchard, Marie-Sohna Condé, Johanna Nizard, Louise Orry-Diquiéro, Alexiane Torrés and Souleymane Sylla

Where nature meets the city…
Anna, a successful  interior designer,  has everything one could wish to have:
a family, material prosperity, physical health. But when she realizes that she reached the edge her life seems to her like a prison.
Anna starts to do strange things to destroy her beautiful life methododically. Maybe because of the death of her son she has never overcome? When she starts an affaire with Thomas, the boyfriend of her daughter, the situation escalates. Catasthrophies happen within the idyll of her world, it’s a chainreaction between Anna and her sourrounding.
„Mountainbiker“ is a drama about todays „Burgoisie“.