In a New Light 3

Short conversations with European playwrights

Who are you?

The simplest question but still the hardest one.

In this new series of In a New Light, Fabulamundi invites eight playwrights to engage in short conversations about their human and professional stories, crossing vocations and paths, works and identities, experiences and ambitions, the scripts they have already written, and those they would like to write.

These films, recorded by the participants, reflect shared feelings of uncertainty, fear, and hope. Their technical limitations define this time when, for better and worse, the internet connects us from a distance until we will be able to reunite, speak, and be together again.





3 November | 14.30

Đorđe Kosić


10 November |  14.30

Amir Gudarzi


17 November |  14.30

Tanja Šljivar


24 November |  14.30

Nalini Vidoolah Mootoosamy


1 December |  14.30

Anna Saavedra


15 December | 14.30

Bogdan Theodor Olteanu


20 December |  14.30

Anne Jelena Schulte


 22 December |  14.30

Denise Duncan


The project, promoted by Roma Culture, is the winner of the public notice Contemporaneamente – Roma 2020-2021-2022 cured by the Department of Cultural Activities and realised in collaboration with SIAE.