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When I write, I put small symbols of various sizes in line. They are the same symbols that as a child I traced on paper, meaningless scribbles which arranged in a certain order have the power to create images. The joints are endless but every time I immerse myself in this sea of possibilities in a desperate attempt to extract a sense, to bring out a small theatre of signs able to tell something new and beautiful.

Pier Lorenzo Pisano was born in Naples in 1991. He graduated in Cultural Heritage in Venice, then specialised as actor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama of London.
He started working as actor and assistant director for film and theatre productions, and as an editor on various projects including the documentary Torn, wich was awarded with a Nastro d’Argento and premiered at Venice Film Festival.
He then graduated as a director at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (National Film School). His debut short movie As it is on earth was selected at Cannes Film Festival. He also broadened his interest in writing, receiving positive responses from the major Italian playwriting and screenwriting awards (Riccione – Tondelli Award, Hystrio Award, Solinas Award).

Characters: 2 men – available in Italian
Two brothers share their story of growth and loss through monologues and dialogues. Their words retrace and foreshadow their past and future lives, overlapping in order to piece together their relationship, their conflicts with the outside world and their mother.
The quickest way to create an emotional bond is by sharing a powerful experience. It doesn’t matter whether it is a roller coaster ride or a car accident; every little thing produces the invisible threads that connect those who love each other. Brothers share rooms, schools, clothes, grains of sand underneath their feet during beach trips; they share parents.
In short, they have all the ingredients for a deep bond. Despite this, it’s often hard to see the love of the ones we love. Not because that feeling is taken for granted, quite the opposite: the stronger the bond, the more it must be tested, stressed the need to be proven over and over again, waiting for the day when, reassured by that torn and weary love, we finally are ready to show how deeply we care.
And often, that day is one too late.

Characters: 2 women, 3 men – available in Italian
A son returns home to face a difficult situation, and his arrival sets in motion the family mechanisms that have always been jammed.
Going back to where we grew up is a dive into our original identity: an old pair of shoes that we are fond of, that we would like to still wear, but they don’t fit anymore, our big toe pokes out and our heels hurt. The people that welcome us are always the same, perhaps a bit aged, mothers, fathers, brothers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, all wrapped up in plastic, as if time had not gone by, and it’s up to us to unravel them. But sometimes, behind a certain veil, we can find out that things are changing, even there, in that small universe of pampering and guilt, so tight and inaccessible to the rest of world, which is family.

Edition 2017-2020