video: Playground London

PLAYGROUND London is a programme of encounters between Italian playwrights and UK-based creatives. Over the past two years, R&D workshops and rehearsed readings were held online, facilitating meaningful exchanges across computer screens. However, after two years of remote work, we were finally able to invite the 7 Italian playwrights who took part in PLAYGROUND workshops, Francesco Alberici, Magdalena Barile, Valeria Belardelli, Francesca Caprioli, Valentina Diana, Nalini Vidoolah Mootoosamy, Pier Lorenzo Pisano, to travel to London from 24 to 30 October. During this time together, director Omar Elerian and scholar-translator Margherita Laera (University of Kent) have facilitated networking opportunities between the Italian contingent and local theatre-makers. The week culminated in a public sharing of selected extracts from the plays in translation, directed by 3 London-based directors, Atri Banerjee, Alessandra Davison, Nastazja Domaradzka, and featuring a local cast of 7 actors: Shannon Hayes, Naomi Knox, Simon Manyonda, Kate Maravan, Annie Siddons, Kalungi Ssebandeke and Sam Weston.

PLAYGROUND is a project produced by the Italian Cultural Institute London, PAV, Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe and Associazione Area06

Video by Hector Rodriguez Manchego