Gallery: Mousson d’ètè 2020

During the Mousson d’été 2020 there were a lot of Fabulamundi activities:

  • from the 21st to the 26th August, the Catalan author Helena Tornero will lead a workshop about contemporary dramaturgy at Université d’été européenne.
  • from 21 August to 25 August: À table! a collective play made by 4 Fabulamundi authors, with texts of Tomasz Man, Josep Maria Miró, Nathalie Fillion and Elena Vladareanu.
  • 22 August: stage reading of Short Interviews with Exceptional Women by Joan Yago – a co-production with Theatre Ouvert.
    Translation by Laurent Gallardo
    Mise en espace directed by Le Grand Cerf Bleu
    with Laureline Le Bris-Cep, Gabriel Tur, Jean-Baptiste Tur
  • 23 August: mise en espace of Barouf en automne by Dirk Laucke; translation by Juliette Aubert-Affholder; directed by Emilie Capliez; with the actors Christophe Brault, Sébastien Eveno, Catherine Matisse
  • 23 August: mise en espace of Cheveux d’été by Pauline Peyrade
  • 24 August: mise en espace of La maison sur monkey island by Rebekka Kricheldorf; translation by Leyla-Claire Rabih and Frank Weigand; direction by Mathieu Bertholet; with Eric Berger, Nicolas Chupin, Marie-Sohna Condé, Alexiane Torrès
  • 25 August: mise en espace of La musique et le mal by Lola Blasco. Translation by Clarice Plasteig, directed by Claudia Stavinsky; with Tamara Al Saadi, Maud Le Gravellec and Catherine Matisse.