Webinars & Happy Hour Talks


The three webinars, curated and organized by the international network of CAE – Culture Action Europe, are a decisive moment to share with the international community of partners and artists the impacts generated by the network’s four-year action both in terms of the circulation of contemporary authors and texts, and of policies to support the professional growth of playwrights at European level. The three webinars have been on Monday 14, Wednesday 16 and Friday 18 September 2020 in live streaming on the communication channels of Fabulamundi.

webinar #1

The project

Panel with Claudia Di Giacomo (PAV), Tere Badia (CAE), Hughes Becquart (European Commission, DG EAC), Giuliana Ciancio (BeSpectactive), Cosetta Nicolini (Atlas of Transitions).

webinar #2

Fabulamundi and Audience Development

Panel with Cristina Da Milano (CAE) in dialogue with Martina Schlegelová (Theatre Letì) and Niels Righolt (ADESTE+) in dialogue with Charlotte Kjær (Nørrebro Theatre).

webinar #3

Fabulamundi and Capacity Building

Panel with François Matarasso (in charge of capacity building for ECCOM) in dialogue with French author Nathalie Fillion and Spanish author Helena Tornero and Margherita Laera (University of Kent, who was in charge of a research about contemporary dramaturgy within Fabulamundi) in dialogue with Caroline Marcilhac (Theatre Ouvert, Paris).

Happy Hour Talks

From Monday 14 to Friday 18 September, Fabulamundi Effects broadcasted the Happy Hour Talks, five conversations each of them between two authors and two theatre directors from Fabulamundi, in live streaming on the website and on the social channels.
Starting from the activities shared together around Europe during the last large-scale edition of the project, these meetings, moderated by Mercedes Giovinazzo (president of BJCEM), drew an emotional map of the crossings, stories, exchanges that Fabulamundi has collected over the years of travels, residences and productions made in each of the project partner countries.

Happy Hour Talk #1

Tamara Susoi (Teatrul Odeon) and Claudia Di Giacomo (PAV) in dialogue with Romanian author Bogdan Georgescu and French author Nathalie Fillion

Happy Hour Talk #2

Bernhard Studlar (Wiener Wortstaetten) and Victor Muñoz i Calafell (Sala Beckett) in dialogue with Romanian author Elise Wilk and Tomasz Man

Happy Hour Talk #3

Francesca Garolla (Teatro i) and Jean Balladur (La Mousson d’été) in dialogue with Spanish author Helena Tornero and Austrian author Maxi Obexer 

Happy Hour Talk #4

Martina Schlegelová (Theatre Letì) and Alina Nelega (University of Arts of Targu-Mures) in dialogue with French author Alexandra Badea, Spanish author Joan Yago and Czech author David Košťák

Happy Hour Talk #5

Aldona Figura (Teatr Dramatyczny m.st. Warszawy) and Caroline Marcilhac (Theatre Ouvert) in dialogue with French author Gérard Watkins and Italian author Pier Lorenzo Pisano