Drama Lab

FABULAMUNDI DRAMA LAB is a project conceived and realized in partnership by PAV (Rome) and Teatro-i (Milan), a training course for twelve playwrights under 35. The Fabulamundi Drama Lab workshops will take place between September 2018 and March 2019 with a double focus of work on Rome – in the context of Short Theater – and on Milan, and with translation residencies abroad and in Italy, to trigger new dynamics of relationship and contamination starting from contemporary dramaturgy. The activities in Rome of the Drama Lab will stimulate connections and dialogues with various professionals in the theatre sector specially selected by the Fabulamundi international network, including its partners. Authors, directors, theorists, directors of theaters and festivals, journalists, writers and heterogeneous interlocutors will alternate with the aim of providing participants, thanks to a calendar of meetings and talks, concrete and targeted tools on what it means to do contemporary dramaturgy today, both in terms of production and internationalization.

Fabulamundi Drama Lab is a project conceived and realized by PAV and Teatro-i with the support of MiBACT and SIAE, as part of the initiative “Sillumina – Private copy for young people, for culture”

  • Michelangelo Zeno
    Michelangelo Zeno
  • Irene Petra Zani
    Irene Petra Zani
  • Giuliano Scarpinato
    Giuliano Scarpinato
  • Margherita Mauro
    Margherita Mauro
  • Tatjana Motta
    Tatjana Motta
  • Niccolò Matcovich
    Niccolò Matcovich
  • Matteo Luoni
    Matteo Luoni
  • Valentina Gamna
    Valentina Gamna
  • Riccardo Favaro
    Riccardo Favaro
  • Luca Di Capua
    Luca Di Capua
  • Davide Del Grosso
    Davide Del Grosso
  • Chiara Boscaro
    Chiara Boscaro
  • Valeria Belardelli
    Valeria Belardelli
  • Martina Badiluzzi
    Martina Badiluzzi
  • Joele Anastasi
    Joele Anastasi