Fabulamundi Effects

In autumn 2020, Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe will reach its fourth year of the large-scale edition of Creative Europe. The international health-emergency has pushed us to redefine the processes that were gradually emerging and react with another possibility of affirming the presence in the theatre.
Starting from the awareness that to guarantee the plurality of languages, styles and representativeness of each cultural and productive context of the network has always been the main mission of Fabulamundi, we have been guided at the definition of an extensive and plural program thanks to the digitalization of contents.
From September 2020, with a specific focus in the week from the 14th to the 18th, and then continuing up to December, Fabulamundi Effects – a European digital storytelling will tune Europe with its mix of digital and presence, connecting, with its frequencies, the multifaceted landscape of identities, languages, and experiences.


from Monday 14 to Friday 18 September 2020

The three webinars, curated and organized by the international network of CAE – Culture Action Europe, will be a decisive moment to share with the international community of partners and artists the impacts generated by the network’s four-year action both in terms of the circulation of contemporary authors and texts, and of policies to support the professional growth of playwrights at European level. The three webinars will be on Monday 14, Wednesday 16 and Friday 18 September 2020, from 16.00 to 17.30, in live streaming on the communication channels of Fabulamundi.
The webinars, aimed at both professionals of the sector and the general public in a perspective of contamination and dissemination, will be focused on three different thematic areas.

Monday 14 September (16.00-17.30) – The project:
the role of Creative Europe in developing and fostering contemporary dramaturgy and other kinds of activities related to the performing arts.
Panel with Claudia Di Giacomo (PAV), Tere Badia (CAE), Hughes Becquart (European Commission, DG EAC), Giuliana Ciancio (BeSpectactive), Cosetta Nicolini (Atlas of Transitions).
Wednesday 16 September (16.00-17.30) – Fabulamundi and Audience Development:
how Fabulamundi tackled the issue of Audience Development and how Creative Europe addresses the same issue in other large-scale projects.
Panel with Cristina Da Milano (CAE) in dialogue with Martina Schlegelova (Theatre Letì) and Niels Righolt (ADESTE+) in dialogue with Charlotte Kjær (Nørrebro Theatre).
Friday 18 September (16.00-17.30) – Fabulamundi and Capacity Building:
how Fabulamundi worked on the capacity building activities addressed to playwrights.
Panel with François Matarasso (in charge of capacity building for ECCOM) in dialogue with French author Nathalie Fillion and Spanish author Helena Tornero and Margherita Laera (University of Kent, who was in charge of a research about contemporary dramaturgy within Fabulamundi) in dialogue with Caroline Marcilhac (Theatre Ouvert, Paris).

From Monday 14 to Friday 18 September, Fabulamundi Effects will broadcast the Happy Hour Talks, five conversations each of them between two authors and two theatre directors from Fabulamundi, in live streaming on the website and on the social channels.
Starting from the activities shared together around Europe during the last large-scale edition of the project, these meetings, moderated by Mercedes Giovinazzo (president of BJCEM), will draw an emotional map of the crossings, stories, exchanges that Fabulamundi has collected over the years of travels, residences and productions made in each of the project partner countries.

TALK #1 - Monday 14 September

Tamara Susoi (Teatrul Odeon) and Claudia Di Giacomo (PAV) in dialogue with Romanian author Bogdan Georgescu and French author Nathalie Fillion

TALK #2 - Tuesday 15 September

Bernhard Studlar (Wiener Wortstaetten) and Victor Muñoz i Calafell (Sala Beckett) in dialogue with Romanian author Elise Wilk and Polish author  Tomasz Man

TALK #3 - Wednesday 16 September

Francesca Garolla (Teatro i) and Jean Balladur (La Mousson d’été) in dialogue with Spanish author Helena Tornero and Austrian author Maxi Obexer 

TALK #4 - Thursday 17 September

Martina Schlegelová (Theatre Letì) and Alina Nelega (University of Arts of Targu-Mures) in dialogue with French author Alexandra Badea and Spanish author Joan Yago

TALK #5 - Friday 18 September

Aldona Figura (Teatr Dramatyczny m.st. Warszawy) and Caroline Marcilhac (Theatre Ouvert) in dialogue with French author Gérard Watkins and Italian author Pier Lorenzo Pisano


3 online workshops

Fabulamundi Effects will run three online workshops with their multidisciplinary proposals based on the mixture of languages ​​and aimed both at professionals and non-professionals.

Three European playwrights of Fabulamundi have been selected to lead them. Ellen McDougall, artistic director of the Gate Theatre in London, will run a workshop for directors, authors and dramaturgs dedicated to the adaptation of texts for the theater. Romanian author Elise Wilk will focus on the work before writing a play, any kind of play and on documenting and researching for a theme, using journalistic tools; the French author and director Gérard Watkins will work with both actors and authors examining the fundamental tecniques of stage writing. 

12 YouTube masterclasses

The authors, with the specificities of their backgrounds and the uniqueness of their international profiles, will represent the heart of the proposal that Fabulamundi Effects will implement. Starting from the masterclasses, twelve appointments dedicated to twelve European playwrights of the network and recorded for an online diffusion since September 2020. From the dramatic writing and its techniques to the production of texts of contemporary dramaturgy: each masterclass, subtitled in English, will tackle the authors’ profession, projecting it into a European dimension.

The twelve masterclasses will implement a new section of the Fabulamundi website and will be disseminated through the YouTube channel and social networks from 14 September.

The authors selected for this project are: Carles Batlle (Spain), Davide Carnevali (Italy), Nathalie Fillion (France), Werner Fritsch (Germany), Francesca Garolla (Italy), Tomasz Man (Poland), Mihaela Michailov (Romania), Guillaume Poix (France), Gerhild Steinbuch (Austria), Csaba Székely (Romania), Daniele Villa (Italy) and Petr Zelenka (Czech Republic).

72 professional sessions

The professional sessions are 72 private meeting between authors and translators. They will be a unique opportunity for Fabulamundi playwrights to get in touch with 36 European translators, to talk together about approaches, themes, styles, languages ​​and to be able to specifically discuss the texts and their possibility of translation in the languages ​​of the network.

The professional sessions will be scheduled starting from September 2020 through private meetings on Zoom between author and translator.

The twelve theatre-partners of Fabulamundi will identify respectively three translators from the languages ​​represented by the network. Each of the three translators will dialogue with two playwrights, for a total of 72 intensive sessions eventually opened to international university students.


On Monday 14, our website is going to be enriched with three new pages where you will find:

all Fabulamundi texts that have been translated and published in the frame of the project from 2013 to 2020

In a new light by François Matarasso – eight conversations with eight Fabulamundi authors on their human and professional stories

made by each Fabulamundi partner in their own country; each contribution wants to be a tool of communication and sharing among members of the network. This section will be constantly updated until December.